AlBaraka Insurance The Company of Choice

AlBaraka Insurance Company has centered its business around servicing people and protecting their assets. Our mission is to help our clients manage risk and protect what is most valuable in an environment full of risk. Clients benefit from a broad range of personal and corporate insurance services, ranging from property, life and health insurance to assistance services to global business insurance.

Our experts hold 60+ years of experience servicing the Libyan insurance market backed by strong capital and the support of a panel of partners internationally recognized as the top global reinsurers. Through our deep roots and strong support, AlBaraka introduces digital innovation of our products and services using mobile technology for ease of access and ERP solutions for faster, more personalized service.

AlBaraka is committed to continuously providing first-class security and comfort through innovative and digitally empowering solutions. We strive to become the leading Libyan insurance company by accompanying you in life and providing the needed security and assurances and peace of mind to give you the courage to move forward in life.

We are actuaries, advisors and service agents; engineers, legal advisors and technology experts - together we strive to reshape the insurance industry in Libya. AlBaraka knows the importance of having a fair partner by your side who provides solid and sustainable solutions, we strive to do it right – with passion, every day.

AlBaraka's commitment is to continuously provide first-class security and comfort through innovative and digitally empowering solutions.”

A Global Network of Trusted Partners

Your Company of Choice Backed with Confidence

AlBaraka Insurance provides innovative, tailored solutions to a wide spectrum of business customers – from retailers, office professionals, property owners to small, medium sized enterprises and large corporations. Backed by strong capital and the support of a panel of internationally recognized reinsurance partners around the globe, our regional and international network ensures AlBaraka upholds its position as a long-term partner and provides peace of mind to our clients.

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Our Board Of Directors

We aim to be the leaders in providing superior quality insurance products to protect the future of our clients. We uphold high ethical and professional standards and we ensure the highest level of client-oriented and innovative insurance services. We have close ties with a wide range of international specialist with whom we have worked for decades so we always have ways to validate our decisions and be proactive in solving problems.